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Glen Doll, blues, harmonica, vocals, original song writer


Each of us has just a short time to spend in this world and it's important to make the most of it.  If you can sing a song, write a lyric, make any instrument come alive, then you ought to do it.  And if it's possible to share that, then it would be a shame to keep it to yourself.

That's what I hope to do with this site.  My name is Glen Doll (yeah, it really is my given name). I write songs and try to sing them with honest feeling.  I've played the harmonica for years and years and figure, if nothing else, you've never heard anyone play it quite the same.

To get things started, I'm putting four of my songs here, in mp3 format.  They're from a recently recorded demo. Give 'em a try!  You can also hear some unique harmonica samples from my Stairwell Sessions

Glen Doll, original songs, harmonica & vocals. Blues and jazz   

   1. Short Time to Travel

    2. Hard Life City

    3. Worn Down Blues

    4. OrAnGeKat*


     Glen Doll, harmonica & vocals

     Bill Keis, keyboards

     Michael Ferenci, bass

     Frank Marsico, drums

     Nicole Garcia, violin,

     OrAnGeKat & Hard Life City


All songs copyright 2006, Glen L. Doll, Never Say Die Music                    *So, is  that about a real orange cat?





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Glen Doll, harmonica, vocals, original songs